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Slow Cycling Guttland - Forgotten Train Tracks (incl. Chapel and unpaved sections)

Starting point
Useldange Castle
Useldange Castle
29,10 km
2:30 h
  • Condition
  • Technique
Highest point
401 Hm
Lowest point
242 Hm
Aggregated Ascent
340 Hm
Aggregated Descent
340 Hm
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Tour tip Kids & Family Scenic

Explore a scenic cycling route along old railway tracks, uncovering the hidden beauty of western Luxembourg's countryside.

This scenic route leads you through the countryside, with stops at the old train stations of Niederpallen and Noerdange, echoing the bygone era of steam and steel. Ideal for all cycling enthusiasts, it offers a gentle ride through picturesque landscapes, inviting you to explore the remnants of Luxembourg's railway heritage while enjoying the tranquil beauty of its natural surroundings. Discover a path less traveled, where the legacy of the train is ever-present, guiding you through a peaceful exploration of the past and present.

This variation features some unpaved sections and the climb up to St. Croix Chapel in Beckerich

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