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Hi! We’re Mia and Emil, sister and brother from Luxembourg.

My name is Mia, I’m 8 years old and I like riding my bike. 

Hello, I’m Emil. I’m 5 and I love splashing around in the water.

My sister Mia and I are keen detectives. We love riddles and searching for treasure. No task is too difficult for us, no case too hard!

Our mum and dad are always ready for an adventure and often come with us on our little trips. Our grandma Tilly also comes with us sometimes, she’s very interested in animals and nature. Her favourite flowers are roses. Tilly has a dog called Bella. That dog would do anything for a bone!
Our adventures take place in the LEADER regions Mëllerdall & Lëtzebuerg West. In each municipality, Mia and I have had a special adventure, in each region, which we’ve written down for you.

It’s great that you’re coming along with us

Together, we’ll go on bike rides, look at graffiti, find mysterious keys and discover an amazing garden. We also take a knight’s test and find a message in a bottle, have a water fight and board a locomotive to ride inside an old smelting plant.

We’re really looking forward to sharing all these adventures with you. So put your walking boots on and bring a good anorak with you in case it rains. But if it’s hot, remember to bring your favourite hat and some sun-cream. And don’t forget your picnic! Are you ready? Well then, let’s go!

Overview map Luxembourg

Outings like these are lots of fun! On our tours, you’ll be able to explore nature and discover some astonishing places. But before you set off with Mia and myself, we have a few more tips for you:

Special places…

We’ll be taking you on trips to special places. You’ll see old walls and rocks, you’ll walk around a beautiful garden, explore castles and palaces, and much more! While you’re on your adventures, always remember that everything around you is very old. So please don’t run on the walls, don’t pull out the stones and don’t climb on the statues and fountains.

What’s growing there?

Please keep to the paths! Treat all plants with respect. Don’t break off any branches and twigs, don’t tread on the mushrooms and don’t pick any berries or flowers. The less you disturb nature, the more beautiful the plants will grow.

A picnic is great!

But please put your rubbish in a bin or take it home with you. 

Walking with Bella

An outing is even more fun if you take your dog with you! But please keep your dog on a lead. 

Watching animals is fun! 

Don’t be noisy! Forest animals are easily scared, and they’ll hide as soon as they hear you. And you’ll also enjoy the peace and quiet of nature far more if you make less noise yourself.

All tours from the West/Guttland region

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Riddle in Ansembourg

Today, Emil and I are visiting Ansembourg Castle’s beautiful gardens with our grandma Tilly. 

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Letter hunt through Kahler

Today, my big sister Mia and I are out on a bike ride. We’re on the cycle path from Garnich to Kahler.

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The mysterious chest in Koerich

My brother Emil and I are sitting on a bench outside Koerich Castle. The path in front of us leads into the castle.

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Mamer Drëps

Message in a bottle in Mamer

Today, Mum, Dad, Mia and I are having a picnic at the Mamer Drëps recreational area.

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Bike Ride to Pettingen

Today my parents, Emil and I are spending the whole afternoon in the commune of Mersch. 

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Knight's Test in Septfontaines

Emil and I are spending the afternoon in Septfontaines with Grandma Tilly. 

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Mirador Steinfort

Al Schmelz in Steinfort

Mia and I are standing in front of the nature conservation centre in Steinfort.

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