Time Travel, Art Appreciation, Family Adventures & Much More Experience Guttland

Besides enchanting hikes through untouched natural landscapes and relaxed bike rides through idyllic villages, there is, of course, much more to discover in the region! Embark on a journey through time in magical castles and majestic palaces, uncover the traces of ancient Romans, or experience a vibrant cultural heritage in our museums. A variety of events throughout the year allow you to get to know the residents, their culture, and traditions. And if the weather doesn't cooperate, indoor swimming pools and wellness oases offer a perfect alternative for a few relaxing hours.

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Castles & Fortresses

Discover the Guttland region with its impressive castles and fortresses that combine history and splendour.

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The museums of the region offer diverse exhibitions, from the Luxembourg Fire Brigade to pottery. 

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History, art & culture

Experience the cultural diversity of the Guttland region through fascinating historical sites, inspiring art exhibitions, and vibrant cultural events. 

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Grand Tour du Luxembourg

Explore the diversity of Luxembourg on the 'Grand Tour du Luxembourg', a 450-kilometer circular tour through five rural regions. 

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Hits for Kids

For the little ones, we offer special attractions, including diverse swimming pools and museums, to make their vacation unforgettable. 

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Festivals & Events

The Guttland region in Luxembourg thrives on its festival culture! From Emaischen in Nospelt to the Kropemannsfest in Redange – there's something for everyone! 

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Swimming pools & wellness

Discover the swimming pools of the Guttland region for unlimited swimming fun, indoors and outdoors, ideal for family entertainment and relaxation.

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