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Discover hidden treasures in the heart of Luxembourg

The name of the region says it all – "Guttland," or the "good land," is a tribute to the fertile soils that not only form the basis for agricultural diversity but also provide the ideal backdrop for a leisurely journey through time and nature. Just outside the gates of the capital, you'll find an enchanting setting of charming villages with numerous restored farms, imposing castles, mysterious fortresses, and enchanting natural landscapes. The Guttland region embraces "slow tourism," offering tranquility and serenity along with a unique natural and cultural landscape just waiting to be explored! Hundreds of kilometers of cycling and hiking trails wind through the untouched landscapes of this recreational area. The historical heritage is omnipresent here, whether in the Valley of the Seven Castles, the various Gallo-Roman sites, or the rural museums. At the same time, the Guttland region offers a harmonious symbiosis of antiquity and modernity, reflected mainly in a variety of innovative, sustainable projects.

Highlights of the region


Explore Guttland's Most Beautiful Circular Hiking Trails - the short quality hiking trails that make every hiker's heart beat faster

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Slow Trips

Take time for the land and its people, and discover the everyday culture of the region with all your senses. Tourism, but with a creative twist!

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Hidden Treasures

Discover the hidden treasures of the Guttland region, where idyllic rural villages are surrounded by breathtaking and picturesque nature.

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Slow Cycling

Slow cycling tours invite you to explore Guttland in a very special way: slowly, intensively and with all your senses.

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