Guided Summer Tours 2021


During the summer season, the Regional Tourism Office - Central/Western Luxembourg, in collaboration with its regional actors, organizes various guided tours. Discover the Guttland region with a tourist guide from July 26 till September 11!

This year we offer you a rich programme around four different topics:

- GUTTLAND BY DAY : visit the must-see attractions of our region

- GUTTLAND BY NIGHT : guided tours during night of the emblematic sights

- GUTTLAND FOR KIDS : animated guided tours especially made for kids

- GUTTLAND SPECIALS : discover the Guttland region from another perspective

Registration for a visit ends at 5pm the day before.

For further information : +352 28 22 78 62 //

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, participants must register in advance. The maximum number of participants will be adjusted to the situation at the time of the visit.

REMINDER: Please do not forget to send your registration request by clicking on the "REGISTER FOR THE TOUR(S)" button. The request has been sent if you see the message "Confirmation - Your email has been sent."

Registration - Guided Tour(s)


Vélo © Marc Lazzarini - Standart

REDANGE CANTON • Dällchen West bike tour

27.07 → 07.09
Every Tuesday • 09:30 AM → 12:30 PM

This guided bike tour is suitable for families with children aged 12 and older. We will experience the rustic valleys and cross lush green forests, ride past biotopes, along the old Attert line and come across some historical buildings along the way, such as Useldange castle, the Roman mosaic of Vichten, the Michel Lucius Museum, the water tower of Rippweiler or the Rochus Grotto.

Meeting point : TouristInfo Atert-Wark 1, am Millenhaff • L-8706 Useldange

Price per person: 5€

Important: the distance is 30km. Level of difficulty: medium. Bring your own bike. Suitable for any type of bike.

Miecher Gebäude © GKA

GOEBLANGE • Salvete! The Roman villa Micher in Goeblange

28.07 → 08.09
Every Wednesday • 10:00 AM → 11:30 AM

History buff? Then you are bound to find your fill at the Villa Rustica of Miecher.  We will visit the exposed foundations of a large Gallo-Roman estate in the Treverian region. The estate comprises a walled area of 5 hectares with at least seven stone buildings. In addition to the luxurious manor, two other residential buildings, a small temple and three outbuildings  complete today’s picture.

Meeting point: Parking of the Villa Rustica in Goeblange (CR 189 Goeblange - Simmerschmelz)

Participation: free of charge

Important: Please dress accordingly to weather

Préizerdaul - Musée Michel Lucius © IGML

REIMBERG • Guided Tour of the Michel Lucius Museum & of the Water Tower

29.07 → 09.09
Every Thursday • 10:00 AM → 12:00 noon

A very eminent geologist in his day, Michel Lucius was also known as “Dellerts Misch“! The house where he was born is home to a small museum in his honour, where you can learn all about his life, travels and above all, his research. After the museumm you will visit the water tower (which dates from 1932), which houses another exhibition on geology. 

Meeting point: 9, rue Dr. Lucius • L-8614 Reimberg

Price per person: 5€ (free admission for children under 12)

Helmsange - Raschpëtzer - Visite guidée © ORTCO

HELMSANGE • Guided tour of the Underground Aqueduct “Raschpëtzer”

30.07 → 10.09
Every Friday • 10:00 → 12:30

We will visit the “Raschpëtzer” qanat in Helmesange Forest, an impressive underground aqueduct from the Gallo-Roman period, which is still water-bearing and from the 1st to 3rd century, supplied a larger villa with more than 180 m³ of water per day. The complex has been secured in part by construction measures and made accessible to visitors. The covers of two shafts have glass windows. Glare-free lighting affords a view of the flowing water down to the bottom of the shaft. The visitors’ gallery leads to the bottom of a shaft.

Meeting point: Parking „Raschpëtzer“ CR 125 (between Walferdange and Stafelter)

Price per person: 5€ (free admission for children under 12)

Important: Please bring sturdy shoes. The tour is 2.5km long and goes uphill and downhill.


Mersch © Henri Krier

MERSCH • Photo rally trough the City

27.07 → 07.09
Every Tuesday • 2:30 PM → 4:30 PM

We will discover the City of Mersch with lots of fun and games for the whole family from photos and many tricky quiz questions. We will go in search of the dragon and discover the Roman Villa. There! The bells are ringing, but where is the church tower? These are some of the many riddles to solve.

Meeting point : Parking Place de l'église- L-7533 Mersch 


Price per person: 5€ (free admission for children under 6)

Suitable for children aged 6 and older, accompanied by an adult.

Languages :

  • 27.07.2021                Luxembourgish/German
  • 23.08.2021                French
  • 10.08.2021                Luxembourgish/German
  • 17.08.2021                French
  • 24.08.2021                Luxembourgish/German
  • 31.08.2021                French
  • 07.09.2021                Luxembourgish/German
Beckerich - Etang - Millen © d'millen asbl  (11)

BECKERICH • Mill Museum – Attention: It is haunted!

28.07 → 08.09
Every Wednesday • 3:00 PM→ 4:30 PM

We will together discover the historical old mill of Beckerich, with all its secrets and anecdotes. The museum is filled with a beautiful collection of tools from long-forgotten times!  We will then go to the mill pond in search of the beehives and the century-old weeping willow. Finally, we will visit the old sawmill to see “Millepätteren” busy at work on wood. It is also a bit haunted now and then, when the miller’s ghost is up to his old tricks…

Important: Adapt clothing to weather conditions! Suitable for children as of the age of 6 accompanied by an adult.

Meeting point: D'Millen (inner courtyard of the mill)  - 103, Huewelerstrooss • L- 8521 Beckerich

Price per person: 5€ (free admission for children under 12)

EMAISCHEN Nospelt ©FotoatelierOpDerSchock

NOSPELT • Ceramics Museum – the one with the bird!

29.07 → 09.09
Every Thursday • 3:00 PM → 4:30 PM

Nospelt used to be known for its pottery beyond the Grand Duchy’s borders. Many household utensils were made here from terracotta between 1458 and 1914.  Ceramic pipes fired from clay in the shape of birds called “Péckvillchen” were particularly popular with children.  The workshop of Nospelt’s last potter was turned into a museum that hosts a great exhibition of old ceramic art. You can still see the old potter’s wheel and the kiln from 1870.  An enthusiastic amateur potter will show you how to make a “Péckvillercher”. The children will then be given an opportunity to have a go themselves.

Important: Suitable for children aged 8 and older, nly for children accompanied by an adult.

Meeting point: 3, rue des Potiers • L- 8391 Nospelt

Price per person: 10€

Schiefermusée For Kids Freides (c) Musée de l'Ardoise

HAUT-MARTELANGE • Airbrush workshop in the slate museum

30.07 → 10.09
Every Friday • 2:30 PM → 4:30 PM

After a short tour of the underground slate pit, everyone can have a go at making and airbrushing their own slate. While the kids are busy with this workshop, the parents are welcome to visit the museum and slate quarries as an alternative.

Important: Please bring sturdy shoes and a warm jacket (9°C).

Meeting point: Slate Museum - Maison 3 (main entrance by the pond) • L-8823 Haut-Martelange

Price per person: 10€


30.07.      Luxembourgish/ German

06.08.      French
13.08.      Luxembourgish/ German
20.08.      French
27.08.      Luxembourgish/ German
03.09.      French
10.09.      Luxembourgish/ German

Schlammwiss © Jim Schmitz

UEBERSYREN • "SCHLAMMWISS"- On a discovery tour in the nature reserve

31.07 → 11.09
Every saturday • 2:00 PM → 4:00 PM

There is always something going on at the "Schlammwiss" nature reserve! Many different animals and insects live here. We will sneak through the reed area to observe the colourful goings on. In addition to the numerous activities to discover in this unique nature reserve, we will visit the bird ringing station, where birds can be observed and studied. This work plays an important role in biodiversity and nature conservation.

Important: Please dress accordingly to weather! Children must be accompanied by an adult.

Meeting point : Parking Football field Münsbach • L- 5376 Münsbach

Price per person: 6€ (free admission for children under 12)


Château Ansembourg4 © Alessandro May

ANSEMBOURG • Sunset in the castle gardens

27.07 → 07.09
Every tuesday • 7:30 PM → 8:30 PM

Balm for the soul. In the Valley of the Seven Castles, we will immerse ourselves in a secluded terrestrial Eden. We will visit the terraced French gardens against a natural backdrop at sunset. We will discover numerous rare plant species, fruit trees and decorative foundations, a labyrinth, as well as the "Mythological Avenue" which includes 10 statues from Greek and Roman mythology. 

Important : Please dress accordingly to weather! This tour is not barrier-free. Shop with local castle products open from 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

Meeting point : 10, rue de la Vallée • L-7411 Ansembourg (shop)

Price per person: 8€ (free admission for children under 11)

Visite Summer Rebierg (c) Luc Berens

KAHLER/HIVANGE - REBIERG • Guided Tour of the Drinking Water Reservoir by Sundown ***FULLY BOOKED***

28.07 → 08.09
Every Wednesday • 7:00 PM → 9:00 PM

Participants can expect an exciting exploration of wind energy and water during this visit. The waterworks (SES) supply drinking water to the water tanks of the connected communities, while the windmill (SEO) supplies the energy. Have you ever been inside a windmill? Well, enter here! Another highlight is the panoramic view from the top of the water reservoir at sunset.

Meeting point: CR106 between Kahler and Hivange (rue de Kahler) • L-8369 Hivange

Important: Waterworks are not heated, warm clothes recommended.

Participation: free of charge

Useldange - Château d'Useldange © Adm. com. Useldange (11)

USELDANGE • The historical castle of Useldange

29.07 → 09.09
Every Thursday • 8:00 PM → 9:30 PM

The walls of this castle have a lot to show and tell.  Together, we will discover the didactic route around the castle, the crypt and the herb garden. During the tour, you will be rewarded with a majestic view of Useldange from a height of 28 meters.

Important: Sturdy shoes desired; lots of stairs to climb.

Meeting point: Tourist Information, Atert-Wark - 1 Am Millenhaff • L-8706 Useldange

Price per person: 8€ (free admission for children under 6)


29/07 + 12/08 + 26/08 + 09.09 : German & Luxemburgish

05/08 + 19/08 + 02/09 : French


GOEBLANGE A Miecher - Villa rustica © Jeannot Weber

GOEBLANGE • Torchlit walk to the Roman villa

30.07 • 8:30 PM → 10:30 PM


We will visit the exposed foundations of a large Gallo-Roman estate in the Treverian area known as Villa Rustica "Miecher" in the evening light with torches. The estate comprises a walled area of 5 hectares with at least seven stone buildings. In addition to the luxurious manor, two other residential buildings, a small temple and three outbuildings complete today’s picture.

Meeting point: Parking Roman Villa (CR 189 road between Goeblingen and Simmerschmelz)
Important: Please dress accordingly to weather.

Price per Person: 3€

USELDANGE - Useldange Château - Sentiers nationaux TEST 01.09.18 © ORTCO (112)

USELDANGE • Explore the castle with lanterns

06.08 • 9:00 PM → 11:30 PM

Experience the castle from another side. We will dive into the history of Useldange Castle with the help of lanterns, on a journey full of surprises, legends and sagas to discover secret places in the castle.

Important: Please bring sturdy shoes! The tour includes many stairs

Meeting point: TouristInfo Atert-Wark 1, am Millenhaff • L- 8706 Useldange

Price per person: 10€ (free admission for children under 6)

Kehlen visite nocturne (c) Furio Bellezza

KEHLEN • A journey into the past

13.08 • 8:30 PM → 11:00 PM

We plunge into the night and go on an enthralling journey through time in Kehlen and its environs. We are on the trail of the stone age, the Celts and Romans, with a detour to the late Middle Ages. The popular and enthusiastic local historian Joël Adam has many exciting stories to tell you.

! Please bring a flashlight!

Meeting point: ​Municipal car park - 15, rue de Mamer • L-8280 Kehlen

Price per person: 5€ 

Schlammwiss © Jim Schmitz

UEBERSYREN • Nature reserve "Schlammwiss" by night

20.08 • 7:00 PM → 9:30 PM

The 375 ha wetland Schlammwiss in Uebersyren is located on the river Syr and is the largest contiguous reed area in Luxembourg. Experience this natural paradise at sunset, when tousands of barn swallows come to roost in the reeds. This special spectacle takes place from July to early September only. 

Meeting point : ​Parking Football field Münsbach • L-5376 Münsbach

Important: Please bring a flashlight, sturdy shoes and dress accordingly to weather.

Price per person: 8€ (free admission for children under 12)

Kehlen -  Musée de la distillerie © ORTCO (37)

KEHLEN • Visit to the distillery museum

27.08 • 8:30 PM → 10:30 PM

The distiller’s profession has a long and proud tradition in Luxembourg. At the beginning of the last century, there were still some 2,000 distilleries in operation. Today the profession is threatened with extinction. But where did this long-standing fascination with schnapps come from? We will learn all about this and much more on this tour. Special exhibits include the distillery plant from 1907 and the Heinrich-Lanz steam engine. A spirit tasting can be enjoyed at the end of the tour upon request.

Meeting point: Distillery Museum - 13, rue d’Olm • L-8281 Kehlen
LU (other languages upon request)

Price per person: 5€

Wahl - Rindschleiden - Automne © Elisabeth Ney

RINDSCHLEIDEN • Slow Trip through the smallest village in the country

03.09 • 6:00 PM → 8:00 PM

Enjoy and discover at leisure with all five senses!

Discover "Rindschleiden", the smallest village in Luxembourg, in a very special way during this interactive tour. You will embark, together with our guide, on a journey through time, where culture meets nature and local anecdotes are told in a special atmosphere.

Meeting point : Rindschleiden church

Important: Please bring sturdy shoes! 2 km tour.

Price per person: 8€ (free admission for children under 12)

Restaurant De Bräiläffel (c) Marc Lazzarini - standart

KLEINBETTINGEN • "De Bräiläffel"- Beer Tasting & Local Food

10.09 • 6:30 PM

Beer sommelier and brewer Ralph Schmitt knows a lot about beer. He waits to share his great passion with you with suitable Luxembourgish specialities in De Bräiläffel restaurant. And the best thing is that no one has to drive home, in fact. You are welcome to sped the night at the Jacoby Hotel afterwards. (T: +352 39 01 98 1 - )

"Luxembourgish specialities" set menu 

  • Aperitif and appetizers
  • Potato fritters with salmon
  • "Kachkéis" soufflet
  • Sorbet with beer
  • Homemade hamburger with Luxembourgish organic beef and porcini mushrooms
  • Confectioner's platter

Vegetarian set menu

  • Aperitif and appetizers
  • Cucumber gazpacho
  • "Kachkéis" soufflet
  • Sorbet with beer
  • Homemade veggie hamburger with porcini mushrooms
  • Confectioner's platter

1 glass of mineral water and 1 glass of beer per dish included. All other drinks must be paid for separately. 

Meeting point : Restaurant De Bräiläffel 2, rue du moulin - L-8380 Kleinbettingen

Price per person (4-course set menu): 65€

The costs for the beer tasting are covered by the Regional Tourism Office "Visit Guttland".


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