DOTS.Slate Workshop

Where? Musée de l'Ardoise, 8823 Rambruch

A workshop for the whole family: discover the slate museum and its "Laura" underground mine to -15 m (40 stairs), and then paint and decorate your slate using the dot technique as you wish.

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An experience for the whole family awaits you at this unique workshop: Explore together the slate museum and delve into the depths of the underground mine "Laura", descending up to -15 meters (40 steps) together. A captivating journey awaits as you discover the fascinating history of slate mining and the miners who often worked under challenging conditions.After this subterranean exploration, unleash your creativity by participating in a slate painting workshop. You'll have the opportunity to choose your own slate and learn the dotting technique to decorate your creation according to your tastes and desires. Whether you prefer an abstract pattern, floral design, or even a landscape scene, this is the perfect opportunity to let your imagination run wild and go home with a unique piece of art imbued with your personal style and the history you've discovered in the depths of the mine.



Address: Tourismusverband Region Guttland
150, B.P.
L-7502 Mersch
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