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Let yourself be guided by a tour guide through our guided tours. Our trained guides are familiar with the region and its attractions and are happy to share their fascinating insider knowledge with you. This way, you have the opportunity to experience Guttland in an authentic way.

Guided Spring Tours

During the Spring holidays, visitors to the Guttland region can expect a special program: from May 27nd to June 1st, various activities will be offered for both adults and children.

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Guided Summer Tours

A special program awaits visitors to the Guttland region during the summer holidays: various activities are offered from 16 July to 6 September. Whether young or old, there is something for everyone!

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Slow Trips

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Discover Guttland at its most cultural

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© Visit Guttland
Didactisch bijenpad "To Bee or not to Bee"
© d'Millen asbl
Watertocht van Beckerich
© ORT Guttland - Marc Lazzarini
Jhangelis Gare - Oud spoorwegstation
  • Rondleiding met gids
© Musee Michel Lucius
Michel Lucius Museum & watertoren
© Visit Guttland - Guy Krier
Religieus erfgoed van Beckerich
  • begeleide rondleiding
thematische wandelroute - Mäerzeger Themewee
  • Begeleide Rondleiding