Slow Highlights

The (Re)discovery of Slowness

Slow Travel, literally translated as "slow traveling," is the antithesis of traditional sightseeing. Instead of rushing from one famous landmark to another amidst a crowd of tourists, the focus here is on discovering the original corners of a country consciously and authentically - without any hurry. Treat yourself to the luxury of slowness and experience the Guttland region with all your senses. Discover the most beautiful circular hiking trails in the region, the "Guttland.Trails," take a relaxed "Slow Cycling" bike tour, or take the time to get to know the land and its people through a "Slow Trips" activity. With our "Slow Highlights," you'll become an expert in the art of conscious deceleration.

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Explore Guttland's Most Beautiful Circular Hiking Trails - the short quality hiking trails that make every hiker's heart beat faster

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Slow Cycling

Slow cycling tours invite you to explore Guttland in a very special way: slowly, intensively and with all your senses.

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Slow Trips

Take time for the land and its people, and discover the everyday culture of the region with all your senses. Tourism, but with a creative twist!

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Hidden Treasures

Discover the hidden treasures of the Guttland region, where idyllic rural villages are surrounded by breathtaking and picturesque nature.

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