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Nature reserve Schwaarzenhaff

The “Schwaarzenhaff” nature reserve is part of the Natura 2000 zone “Valley of the Mamer and the Eisch”; its area of 6,797.60 ha makes it the largest protection zone of European interest in Luxembourg. The site includes two zones requiring special protection: the “Steekollen” near Steinfort and the “Jongebësch” quarries near Eischen. The nature reserve includes various types of habitats, such as semi-natural dry grasslands, an alluvial forest, wet meadows, and beech woods. It is also a habitat for very rare species such as alytes obstetricans (common midwife toad) and bats.

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1, rue Collart, L-8414 Steinfort
Tél. +352 26 39 34 08

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