GourMiel - Claude Greiveldinger-Simon - ORT Guttland
gourmiel claude greiveldinger simon goeblange

GourMiel - Claude Greiveldinger-Simon


  • 150g/500g Spring honey in a jar
  • 150g/500g Summer honey in a jar
  • Comb honey, limited and seasonal availability (from May)
  • Bottled mead (500/700 ml)
  • Candles made from in-house beeswax (f.ex. pillar candles, corrugated balls, animal figures)


  • Exclusive cold-spun and pollutant-regulated honey
  • Manual drawing and pouring of various candles
  • Bottling of “Marque nationale du miel luxembourgeois” products as well


  • Personalized gift ideas (f.ex. personalized labels, christening presents, Christmas baskets)
  • upon arrangement: educational guided tours for groups about various themes (life of bees, honey production, pollination of crop plants, wax processing)
  • Upon arrangement, anyone interested can watch the extraction process (including free tasting and personal chat with the beekeeper).


  • from the house, upon telephone arrangement
  • Markets: Ambiance & Jardins in Sanem, Winterfeelings in Sanem

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2, Schulleschwee, L-8358 Goeblange
Tél. +352 26 55 28 21

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