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Guided Tour - Roman Villa Miecher of Goeblange

Your tour guide will show you the villa rustica, a large walled Gallo-Roman estate with at least 13 stone buildings, a luxurious mansion, two residential buildings and a small temple with outbuildings. You should also book another tour (+ 30 minutes) to the burial mounds of 4 Celtic horsemen and a princess (1st century BC). The royal graves are still among the most important archaeological finds from this historical period.

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Useful information

Rue de l'Ecole | L-8358 Goeblange

Tel. +352 26 30 27 73
E-mail :

Group price information : Free of charge

Duration: : 60 minute(s)

: 20

Type: : On foot

Difficulty: :

Targets: Groups

Languages: French, German, Luxembourgish

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