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Guided Tour - Themed walk - Mäerzeger Themewee

On this circular walk of 4 kilometres you can discover the history and the peculiarities of the municipality of Mertzig across 12 themed stations. You will be accompanied by natural green structures; different art works as well as drawings from Sosthène Weis. An interactive path, which was created with the inhabitants of the municipality. You have the opportunity to visit a 30-minute video projection after the walk. Wheelchair accessible, but strong differences in height and many gravel roads.

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Useful information

Rue de Michelbouch | L-9170 Mertzig

Tel. +352 28 22 78 62
E-mail :


Duration: : 2 hour(s)

: 40

Type: : On foot

Difficulty: :

Targets: Groups,

Languages: French, English, German, Luxembourgish


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