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Municipality of Préizerdaul - life in the countryside

The name of the municipality reveals the local dialect: Préizerdaul - the villages of Pratz, Platen, Bettborn and Reimberg.

If you are interested in local history, you should visit the birthplace of Michel Lucius, the father of Luxembourgish geology. In his honour, a museum has been set up here. It is not only dedicated to the life and work of the famous Préizerdauler, but also showing you how to read a geographical map and shows various types of rocks from the region. On request, visitors can also take part in a guided tour to the nearby water tower.

Apart from this, the Préizerdaul is particularly attractive for its splendid location in the middle of lush nature, which you can explore in various ways. Hiking trails of varying length and difficulty start from all the towns in the municipality. We particularly recommend the "Auto-pédestre Reimberg" circuit, which starts at the Rochus Chapel. This trail is also known as the "Seven Bridges Trail", as it leads through a small valley and over numerous wooden footbridges. Last but not least, for those among you who like to go running, there is the "Josy-Barthel-Pfad", a 2.3 km long mulch track through an enchanting beech forest.

Furthermore, there are many different cycling routes to choose from, as many cross the commune's territory and run across the whole of the Redange canton and beyond. The Préizerdaul mountain-bike trail starts at the "Op der Fabrik" cultural centre and stretches 33 km to the heights of the Luxembourg Ardennes.

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