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Municipality of Niederanven - far from the hustle and bustle, close to the action

Although the municipality of Niederanven is located in the immediate vicinity of the Findel airport and the large traffic axes, its villages Niederanven, Oberanven, Hostert, Rameldingen, Ernster, Senningen, Senningerberg, Waldhof and Staffelter can still enchant you with their picturesque landscapes and a wide range of recreational opportunities.

Numerous archaeological finds testify that, due to its many water sources, the area has been inhabited since primeval times.

A series of hiking trails, united under the name Andethana (Roman name for Niederanven), give visitors and residents information on all the natural beauties, the culture and the history of the municipality.

The Aarnescht Nature Reserve is known for its abundance of orchids. On the slopes of the Aarnescht is a microclimate that gives the area a Mediterranean feel.

Bicycle track, fitness trail and golf course are only a small selection of the infrastructure available to you for sporting activities in Niederanven.  The Syrdall swimming pool offers fun and wellness for the whole family.

In the old fire station in Senningen, there is an exhibition of historical fire-fighting equipment: drying towers, models of fire trucks, old fire hoses, uniforms and various equipment used from the 19th to the 21st century.

The Kulturhaus Niederanven is an old, masterfully restored manor house with a beautiful park. It is a meeting point for enthusiast of original and innovative creations in the field of culture.

In addition, you will find a considerable number of hotels and restaurants as well as a large shopping centre in the municipality.

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