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Municipality of Mersch - in the heart of Luxembourg

Whether you arrive on foot, by bike, by car or by train, the municipality of Mersch, located in the geographical centre of Luxembourg, welcomes its visitors with a variety of attractions in culture, nature, sports and tourism. Accommodation options range from hotels to campsites, depending on your preferences or budget.

In the west, visible from afar, on the hill next to the ancient Eenelter chapel, a huge menhir stretches out like an exclamation mark. In September, the Eenelter Maart, a traditional market for handicrafts and local products takes place in the historic part of Reckingen.

In Roman times, the town of Mersch was called "Marisca". A villa testifies to this era of prosperity and peace. Other historic periods are also present: the medieval castle now houses the municipal administration and a museum; the Sankt-Michels tower, which serves as a tourist information point during summer, is a remnant of the former parish church; and the present parish church impresses with its neoclassical architectural style.

Schönfels Castle with its mighty keep and Pettingen Castle are two other examples of medieval architecture on the territory of the municipality.

Mersch, the city of art and culture, is also home to the national literary centre (CNL) and a house of culture of supra-regional importance.

The town park with its water- and entertainment area, as well as the aqua centre Krounebierg, which offers swimming and bathing fun for the whole family, provide recreation and leisure fun.

However, the picture of Mersch would not be complete if we forgot the natural sights in the area: the legendary Mamerleeën caves, the Hunnebour recreation area, the discovery trail at Gousselerbierg, the Pëttenerbësch nature reserve and much more.

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