Municipalities of the Guttland region

Municipality of Mamer - Antiquity and Modernity

In Mamer, cycling is cult – and it has been like that for a while! Here, the two-time Tour de France winner Nicolas Frantz, who came from this town, owned a shop for - how could it be any different - bicycles. It is therefore hardly surprising that one of the many cycle tracks that cross the commune is dedicated to him. The area is perfect to be "conquered" by bike and visitors can rent one out.

When it comes to hiking, you will find many different types of paths: two walking trails, of which one is barrier-free and EureWelcome-certified, as well as a park with many inviting paths...

Faithful visitors to the Kinneksbond Cultural Centre will confirm that Mamer sees itself as a community with a lively social life. Capellen has a well-attended art gallery and an international gendarmerie- and police museum.

Archaeology enthusiasts could be interested in the 4th century brick kiln in Capellen. Furthermore, they will definitely like the thermal baths at the foot of Tossebierg that belonged to an important vicus (Gallo-Roman village). After all, today's community was once situated on top of the great Roman road between Reims and Trier.  

Despite its central location and proximity to the capital, the municipality successfully maintained its rural character in some places. The village of Holzem, with its farms and proud country houses, is a good example of this.

If you would like to stay longer, there is a motel and a camping site in the neighborhood.

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