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Municipality of Lintgen - picturesque hiking and cycling trails

If you point your finger at the centre of a Luxembourg map, you will come across the municipality of Lintgen, south of the municipality of Mersch, nestled in the Alzette valley north of the capital. Lintgen is easy to reach by public transport, be it by train, bus or bicycle via the recommendable PC15 cycle path, along the Luxembourg-Ettelbruck train line.

Lintgen is particularly worthwhile for hikers and mountain bikers (25 km of good forest trails located on the hiking trail network). It is definitely recommended to take a trip to the "Enerèweschter Weiher" (ancient pond) in the communal forest.

Fun and recreation can be found "A Mouschelt", located on the Fischbach street (rue de Fischbach), equipped with a beach-volley and petanque field, a playground and a covered barbecue area.

Water plays a major role in Lintgen. The name Lintgen is said to be of Celtic origin and derives from the Gallic Celtic root "Lin", "Len" or "Lenne", which means lake, pool of water, flood. Lindon means " water / pond" and the origin of the name Lintgen as follows: Lindon > Lindiacum > Lintgen.

The Celts were the original inhabitants of the village. Numerous finds have been made on the mountain "Prettenerberg", which indicates a denser population in the splendid historical period. A hike there is recommended. The view from the plateau is breathtaking and provides an overview of the Alzette valley.

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