Municipalities of the Guttland region

Municipality of Koerich - Histories of water and wind

The pumping station in Koerich uses the rich sources of the region to supply the south of Luxembourg with drinking water. The building, which dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, houses an interactive exhibition that presents the history and the various functions of the SES (Syndicat intrercommunal des Eaux du Sud) in an entertaining way. You can also learn a lot about water in general. Visits on request.

In 2014, a storm destroyed large parts of the Härebësch forest area, which belongs to the municipality of Koerich. Nowadays, you can follow a nature trail and see how the plants gradually reclaimed the area. This spectacle provides a true "jungle feeling" and impresses even the most experienced hikers. Friends of healthy and nature-oriented hiking trails will appreciate that the Koerich hiking trail, which also leads via the aforementioned nature trail, is almost completely asphalt-free.

Before you embark on your adventure, take the time to visit the 12th-century Gréiweschlass Castle and the Saint-Rémy Church, one of the most beautiful baroque churches in the country. Both sights are located in the centre of Koerich.

Another, richly illustrated nature trail is located near Goeblingen, which leads to the remains of a magnificent Gallo-Roman villa. The size and importance of this sight is constantly increasing with the progress of the archaeological excavations. Central underfloor heating, buildings for servants, stables and an own brewery - that was how the ancient Romans lived, if they could afford it!

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