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Municipality of Bissen - activity and leisure

Where does milk come from? If you are not exactly sure, a visit to the VITARIUM of Luxembourg’s largest diary producer is highly recommended, preferably with the whole family. In an ultra-modern architectural complex located in Roost, a circuit of 45 stations will leave no more doubts on the matter.

The place known as Roost, which is part of the municipality of Bissen, is home to another site that is well worth a visit. More specifically, the sheltered workshops of the Tricentenaire place at your disposal a chocolate factory that provides fair trade traditional products, a printing shop, and packaging, sorting and assembling services.

Add the presence of Goodyear and Arcelor-Mittal on its territory, and you will have gathered that Bissen is a municipality teeming with economic and artisanal activities. But the town of the same name which has registered impressive growth as a residential area in recent years, can boast also a historical past, the vestiges of which it bears with pride.

A case in point is the St-Roch Chapel, perched on the Wobierg heights above the village, which bears witness to the ravages of the plague in the 17th century, but also to cholera two centuries later. A vast landscape of fields stretches out behind this place of meditation, criss-crossed by rural roads and paths that beckon you to take a stroll.

The centre of the town, with its parish church, its bridge over the Attert brook and its buildings dating from past centuries, forms a harmonious whole that breathes the peaceful rhythm of village life.

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