RINDSCHLEIDEN - St. Willibrord church (60/90 min.)

Visit of the church of Saint Willibrord (10th century). The frescoes from the 15.th and 16th century in the St Willibrord church in Rindschleiden are impressive.

The origins of the ancient chapel date back to the 10 th century. The sanctuary was enlarged in the 16th century. The chapel is located in the municipality of Wahl in a scrape of an Ardenne high-plateau. The place exerts a magic pull. The small church belongs to the most important cultural heritage in the country. First, when the church was built in the 10 th century, it was dedicated to all saints. Only in de 15th century when the sanctuary was enlarged, it was dedicated to St Willibrord. The visitor recognizes the different ages of elevation. Today the church is a protected monument.

Duration: 60 or 90 minutes (according to the customer's request)
Number of participants: 1 - 15
Price: 70,00€ for 60 minutes or 85,00€ for 90,00 minutes (groupe price: 1-10 persons)



Please bring your ticket.

Included in the offer

Guided tour of 60 or 90 minutes. According to the customer's requests.

Public transport

Closest bus stop: "Ieweschten Eck" in Grevels (walking distance ~ 13 min.)


There are several parking facilities on site.


from 85.00€


- The origins of the ancient chapel date back to the 10th century
- Impressive frescoes from the 15th and 16th century
- Recognition of the different ages of elevation
- The church is located in the smallest town of Luxembourg: Rindschleiden
- Today the church is a protected monument




60, 90 minute(s)

Number of participants

1 - 15 People

Languages offered

German, French, Luxembourgish

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