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Kolla Festival 2019

Feste & Märkte

The Kolla Festival is an alternative weekend of cultural inspiration and a celebration of environment-friendly and self-sustainable diversity. The Kolla Festival includes live music, swap-shops (clothes, books, CD’s and boot-sales), do-it-yourself workshops, art exhibitions, local, fairtrade, and eco-friendly refreshments, as well as an open stage. Come together to share & swap knowledge about how to live a healthy and sustainable life and at the same time learn how to reduce your ecological footprint. Enjoy yourself, discover & relax in a little world full of creative possibilities and positive outlook for our future. The Kolla Festival is a cultural weekend full of fun and festivity for all ages.
Praktische Informationen

1 rue Collart, STEINFORT L-8414

Freitag, 16 August 2019
Von 16:00 - 01:00

Pre-Sale : 10.00

E-Ticket : 11.00

Door Sale (only Weekend Tickets) : 15.00


S. https://e-ticket.lu/de/detail/7210?fbclid=IwAR1-t0bhB8sT7gxSk43zOrVJhp-yDnlWkRKZaaNrB0W631bTUAGFSAOoUIE